Systems Engineering at Gemini Observatory

I’ve had the opportunity recently to speak about systems engineering at Gemini Observatory. You can view or download the full presentation here: Systems Engineering at Gemini Observatory.firstpage_SEatGemini

In my presentation, I talk about integration of  systems engineering into development and operations, identify key concepts and activities, and describe how Gemini projects are using systems engineering.

  • Systems engineering support is provided by a small group located across both sites, and members are assigned (“cross-matrixed) to support specific projects.
  • Complex projects are one of three foci, where complexity can come from being interdisciplinary and/or cross-organizational. Two examples are a new instrument or a new operations tool. Our group also focuses on configuration management and small improvement initiatives.
  • Both development and operations can benefit from systems engineering, and there is value in systems engineering and in having systems engineers.

I would to thank the following people for allowing me to speak to their organizations, and for engaging in discussions and asking questions that will inspire future articles.